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Speaking, Hosting, Facilitating


You're looking for engaging interactive delivery that provides a clear and valuable message

I've been delivering remote speeches and presentations for global clients for over twenty-five years. I guarantee delivery, regardless of any technology issues.

As part of the service, I'll work with you before and after the event to ensure your audience gets the right message delivered in the most effective way.

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Hosting any event is like hosting a TV show. Everything must run to time. Everything must have a backup plan.

With my decades of experience on TV and on stage, I will ensure that your event runs  like clockwork, by providing a safe pair of hands, and giving you the confidence that whatever happens, your audience will have the best possible experience.

Whether it's a conference, an awards show or a product launch, I will work with you before, during and after the event to guarantee a successful result.



Whether it's an internal company event or a public conference, the role of a facilitator is key to a successful outcome.

Panel debates, question and answer sessions and audience interaction all require the services of an experienced facilitator.

I provide liaison with participants in advance, advice on staging and timing, as well as the use of interactive apps to keep your audience engaged.



Making it work for you

Many organisations are using fully virtual or hybrid events, sometimes to replace scheduled physical events that have to be postponed. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when making such a decision, and when running a hybrid or virtual event. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Whether a virtual or hybrid event is a cost-effective alternative

  • Technology, both local and remote

  • Event management, including remote facilitation

  • Delivery of visuals – slides and video

  • Backup and failsafe measures

  • Engagement – Q&A, interactivity, back channels, voting

  • Pre-event and Post-event support for delegates

  • Financial aspects


With over twenty-five years experience of speaking at and organising remote and virtual events, I am available to advise on the most efficient and effective way to plan, deliver and benefit from such events.


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